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November 2021: Cassette-Television is part of the 3rd Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival (Turkey)
October 2021: Thorsten Wagner supervises the seminar "A Social Issue: Media and Socio-Culture" at the OST in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Soyuz Apollo

archives, produces and distributes media works.

The Project was established from 2012 by the media artist Thorsten Wagner and founded 2018 in Hamburg.

It consists of 3 sections 
of media practice.

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Tasks & Goal


Here media products are received, selected and catalogued to integrate them into the work of Soyuz Apollo. It contains over 4000 image and sound carriers of the formats VHS, Betamax, Video 2000, Super 8, 16 and 35mm, as well as various digital transcodings.

Head: Jim Jones


Here concepts are developed on the basis of the selected archive pieces to generate new media products. According to the current
characteristics and relations the available information becomes part of a new production practice.

Head: Otto Kiborg


Here the pieces from the archive and the production are programmed, compiled and circulated.
The distribution and the resulting reception is an inherent part of the medial information and thereby of the entire medial practice.

Head: Nihil Yang

  • “The best way to preserve information is to circulate it.”

  • “To edit media is part of the practice of continuous communication.”

  • “The decision of how to accomplish access is part of the medium.”


It´s our Goal to establish methods, that meet the requirements of the respective medial information
in its complex characteristics and coherences.

"Action is concept".

    Thorsten Wagner


November 2021
Istanbul International Experimental 

Cassette-Television is part of the 3rd Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival.

Oktober 2021
Eastern Switzerland of Applied Sciences

Thorsten Wagner supervises the seminar A Social Issue: Media and Socio-Culture in St. Gallen.

Oktober 2021
Retro Avantgarde Film Festival New York 

Tapes from Thailand is honored as the best film in the category Retro Short Film.

September 2021
Neustart Kultur 

Soyuz Apollo is funded by the Stiftung Kulturwerk of the Bild-Kunst with a four-month scholarship.

17th July 2021
Hotel Salut 

Soyuz Apollo is having a Performance at Club Solo in Breda (NL), during the exhibition 
Hotel Salut (clubsolo.nl/en/agenda/luum).

July 2021
38th Kassel Dokfest 

Thorsten Wagner is part of the selection commitee of the 38th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival.

17. Juni 2021
Los Angeles Underground Film Forum

Cassette-Television receives an honorable mention at the Los Angeles Underground Film Forum.

08. Mai 2021

Another new of TransmediaEncounters is being streamed. Its topic is Local Activism and it contains a video clip from Jim Jones (s. Portfolio).

News (archive)


---   SCREENINGS, PERFORMANCES AND EXHIBITIONS   ---    // 2021: Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Istanbul (Turkey) // Retro Avantgarde Film Festival, New York (USA) // Club Solo, Breda (Netherlands) //  TransmediaEncounters | Season Opening, Hamburg // 2020: VASTLAB Experimental Film Fest, Los Angeles (USA) / Experimental Film Guanajuato (Mexico) / WILD OUT VIDEO FESTIVAL, Taipeh (Taiwan) / Splice Film Fest, New York // 2019: B-Movie, Hamburg / Ultracinema, San Pablo Guelatao (Mexico) / Husets Biograf, Kopenhagen (Denmark) / Westwerk, Hamburg / Künstlerhaus Wendenstrasse, Hamburg // 2018: Polittbüro, Hamburg / Filmmuseum, Potsdam / Off the Radar Festival, Ovendorf
---    AWARDS & GRANTS   ---    // 2021: Retro Avantgarde Film Festival New York: Best Retro Short Film // Stiftung Kulturwerk of the Bild-Kunst: Four-month scholarship // 2020: Kunst kennt keinen Shutdown, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung (Grant) / Experimental Forum, Los Angeles (Honourable Mention) // 2019: German Shortfilmday (Outstanding cinematic concept) / Retro Avantgarde Film Festival, Venezia (Finalist)       
---    TEACHING   ---     // 2021: 
Teaching assignment at the University in St. Gallen (Switzerland) // 2019: Teaching assignment at the Academy of Arts in Bremen / Teaching assignment at the Harz University of Applied Sciences
---    JURY ACTIVITIES   ---    // 2021, 2013, 2012: selection committee for the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival


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